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Traditional Chinese

  My name is Adam Neil and I am a college student in America. Though my parents are from America, I grew up in Asia. That has given me a unique perspective of life in American college. I hope that these short episodes can give you a feeling for life as a college student in America. [mp3]


校园美食 College Food

At college, because we all live in dorms, and aren't able to cook our own food, we have to go to the cafeteria to eat our meals. The cafeteria at our school is called the Dining Commons, or we usually call it the D.C. for short.

The bad part of having to eat at the cafeteria is that the food is usually not really tasty. The school lets an outside company make the food for the students, so the food isn't made very good. Every once in a while however, the cafeteria has a really good meal. The best meal that they have is called Steak and Shrimp night, where they serve us barbecued steaks and fried shrimp. Most all of the students love it, so there is always a long line waiting to get more of the food.

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