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英国精典古堡 Nostell Priory

RUTH: Hello and welcome to another in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth Lowton and with me this week I have Grace. Every now and again, here on 'Say It Again', there is the opportunity to find out about a different place of interest. Today Grace is talking about Nostell Priory. Welcome back, Grace.

GRACE: Thank you, Ruth, for your welcome. I am very pleased to be here with you again on 'Say It Again'. I've found it really interesting to find out about Nostell Priory. It's a beautiful place near where I live in Yorkshire. Later in the programme, I'll tell you about some special things that happened at Nostell Priory over Christmas time. But before you ask me any questions Ruth, you always have a true story on 'Say It Again'. So whose story is it today?

RUTH: Today's story is of an American man. I don't know his name. The story though is set in Egypt and as in so many of our true stories, shows that the Living God can be relevant to all who seek for Him.

Story Testimony

"Sir, have you lost something valuable?" I was first attracted to the man at my side by his smell. The garbage collector seemed very small and dirty as he stood next to me. "No, I don't think so. Why do you ask me, have you found something?" The man went on to say that he'd found something amongst the garbage collected from this building. I was very interested and wanted to know more about his find. He told me he'd asked everyone else in the building if they'd lost anything and all had said 'no'. So he'd reasoned what he'd found must belong to me - the last person he had to ask.

As the garbage collector held up the watch, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The watch was mine. I asked the man, "Why hadn't he kept it?" I realised it was worth a lot of money. It was his answer that changed my impression of this garbage collector standing beside me. "Sir, I am a Christian. I want to follow Jesus Christ and he has taught me that I should always be honest. This watch is not mine, but yours. So, here it is. Please take it."

This act of honesty made me think about the real values in life. I asked the garbage collector if he'll spend time with me to explain about his faith in Jesus Christ. As I got to know this man, I realised that I had seen Jesus Christ within his life. This incident opened my eyes to find the true meaning to life. That of becoming a believer in Jesus Christ, God's only Son, and following in the way set out for me in the Holy Bible.

RUTH: So Grace, tell me about the history of Nostell Priory. What exactly is a Priory?


RUTH: Nostell Priory is only one of many buildings that have a lot of England's history within its walls. On Grace's occasional series for 'Say It Again', she will continue to seek out and find unusual places, historic towns and exciting facts to share with us.

RUTH: Please join Lee Kee and me again in our next programme to find out more about the English language. Grace will be back with me again soon. Thank you, Grace, for telling us about Nostell Priory. Until the next 'Say It Again' programme, goodbye from Grace and me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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