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约克大教堂 York Minster

RUTH: Hello and welcome to 'Say it Again'. I'm Ruth and with me today I have Grace McNeill. Today's programme is different from the others in our regular series. Grace is here to talk about a famous place in Britain. I'll let Grace introduce herself.

GRACE: Hello, it's good to be here with you Ruth. Maybe you can tell by my accent that I come from a different area of Britain. I come from Scotland, but I wasn't born there. I was born in China, in Shanghai. My parents worked in China and as a child I have memories of speaking Mandarin. But the last thirty years or so I spent in Britain, returning only once to Shanghai, the city of my birth.

RUTH: You love travelling and visiting places of interest, don't you?

GRACE: Yes I do, Ruth. I've visited many countries of the world but I've also visited many places of interest here in Britain. It's these places of interest I want to talk about in my occasional series here on 'Say it Again'. My first place of interest that I'm talking about today is a very large church. It's called 'York Minster'.

RUTH: So Grace, can you tell us a little about York Minster?


RUTH: Thank you Grace for explaining all that. I've enjoyed it. I hope you have as well. Grace will be here with me again later in the series. Where are we going to next time Grace?

GRACE: I thought we'll travel down to London. One place of interest among the many there is 'The Tower of London'. So that is where we'll be in a few weeks time.

RUTH: Grace will be back with us in some future programmes. Have you a place you'd love to find out about? Then keep listening to 'Say it Again'. You could find out all about it. Each week on 'Say it Again', we have had a true story about different people around the world. Today, our story is about Wolfgang Dietrich of Germany. Here he tells of how he was searching for excitement in his life. In his search, he went to many countries of the world. Listen to where eventually he found what he was looking for.

Story Testimony

"The day had come! I finally had the chance to travel the world. I had been waiting for this day, and at last it had arrived. I travelled to Australia and stayed there for a while, but found I couldn't get a job. So I decided to go to Singapore. On the ship travelling to Singapore, I met a lovely Chinese woman. She told me again and again, "You will only find true happiness when you escape the control of your wrong desires." But I was lazy, and did nothing about what she said.

So I travelled through many countries, but there was no joy in what I did or where I went. I tried everything to obtain happiness. I tried the Buddhist religion as I thought Buddhism speaks of peace but that did not work either. So one day I decided to return home. When I arrived, I was met by my mother, my father, and many other people. One thing I noticed was that these people were full of joy. My sister came to me and said "We're so happy to see you!" She told me that she had found a real reason and meaning for living. She had asked the living God to bring me home, so she could help me to find real meaning in my life. Then I met some of my sister's friends. They were joyful too, and so I asked them: "How can I enjoy the happiness and peace that you now have? What must I do?"

They told me to talk to this God through prayer. As I spoke with God in this way, it was as though a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Suddenly I found there was peace and joy in my heart. Now I want to tell everyone how they too can obtain from the living God a real purpose and joy in their lives."

RUTH: It's strange how someone can search for the meaning of life all around the world and then find exactly what they were looking for at home. I hope you've enjoyed finding out about 'York Minster'. Next week, I'll have Aries back with me. That's all we have time for today. So join me next week to 'Say it Again'. Good-Bye.

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