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Traditional Chinese

Hello, my name is Auntie Arlene. I will share with you different stories from my life. Some of them are quite amazing. My life has been rich with adventures. I have traveled this road for a very long time. It all began in a little house in the countryside. But the path has taken me to far away places. Will you join me on this journey? You will learn a lot about other people and places around this world. Are you ready? It will be a fun trip. So let's get started. [mp3]

缝??机 The Sewing Machine


The spool of thread was carefully guided through different connecting points on top of the machine until it finally went through the eye of the needle. Then you had to have another source of thread and that was called a bobbin. This tiny spool was prepared with the same color of thread and placed in a small holder underneath the needle area. You would carefully bring the bobbin thread up through the tiny hole to meet the needle on top of the machine. With both threads together and your foot on the treadle, you were now ready to sew!

All of this was very complicated to me, but I was determined to learn and I had some willing teachers along the way. I especially remember one who taught me how to make pleated drapes for our windows. I also remember another friend who showed me how to do a blind stitch by hand when fixing our daughter's dress.

Today, there are many improvements in electrical sewing machines that do marvelous embroidery and fancy stitching just by inserting a special disc. But, I would not trade the relaxing hours at my old treadle sewing machine for the fast pace of life today. I think that something is lost when improvements take away our quiet, peaceful moments. What do you think about this?

Complicated - Involving a lot of different parts, in a way that is difficult to understand.
Marvelous - Extremely good.

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