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Traditional Chinese

蒙古 - 地理 Mongolia - Land

Hello, my friends and welcome to Window on the World. Today we'll look at a country in East Asia. Mongolia is a landlocked country. Landlocked means that it is completely surrounded by other oceans or other large bodies of water. Mongolia's neighbors are Russia to the north and China to the east, south, and west. It has an area of 1,566,500 square kilometers. The population is about 2,410,000 people.

Mongolia is mainly a flat land with rising mountain ranges in the north and west. The Gobi Desert covers a wide dry area of the land in the central and southeast areas. Mongolia's climate has temperatures ranging from -30 to -15 Celsius in winter and 10 to 27 Celsius in summer. The winters are usually dry, and summer rainfall is only 380 millimeters in the mountains and 125 millimeters in the desert. Most of Mongolia's land is really either pasture or areas that have a little grass for animals to eat or desert regions. A desert is an area that has mostly sand and very few trees or plants.

As you can tell, Mongolia is a rather large country. It's climate is usually dry because of the large desert area. Listen again next week, when we'll learn about the people who live in Mongolia. Goodbye for now, friends.

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