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关岛 - 食物 Guam - Food

"Hafa Adai" again! Do you remember what that means? It is the island greeting from Guam. Our "Window on the World" opens again this week to discover more about the people and the foods they enjoy.

Chamorros really enjoy gathering together to share great food! They have large parties called "fiestas." Families and friends will meet to barbeque delicious chicken and ribs. Side dishes that are served include red rice, shrimp patties, taro leaves cooked in coconut and kelaguen. The red rice is flavored with seeds from the achiote plant. It gives the rice a pretty reddish color and interesting flavor. Coconut milk is often used to cook fish and vegetables like egg plant or pumpkin tips. A favorite sauce that most islanders use to spice up their foods is ¨finadene.〃 It is made with soy sauce, lemon juice, onions and spicy peppers. Finadene really adds a delicious flavor to the rice and meats. Many people also enjoy tabasco sauce for an even spicier taste. If you like to eat, you will really enjoy the delicious foods on Guam!

Next week, we'll see what yummy fruits and vegetables are grown on the island of Guam.

See you then!

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