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斯里兰卡 - 动物 All Creatures Great and Small

Sri Lanka - Animals

Hello friends. Welcome to Window on the World. Today we will complete our look at Sri Lanka. This island country has several interesting animals living there. Let's discover them together.

An interesting and rather large bird that is found in Sri Lanka is the Greater Flamingo. It stands about1.2meters tall. The flamingos are bright pink in color. They often live together in the shallow lakes and lagoons. The flamingo feeds with its head upside down under water, so it can filter or strain out tiny plants and animals from the water. It builds it's nest along the water edge by heaping mud into a nest shape.

Several reptiles can also be found in Sri Lanka. A reptile is an animal that has scales, not fur or hair. The Mediterranean Chameleon is found all the way from Europe to Asia. The chameleon has a flattened body. It has a long sticky tongue so it can grasp small insect prey. The chameleon can change color to match their surroundings. If it is sitting among green leaves it can be green in color. If it is resting in brown grass or straw, it becomes brown in color. The chameleon has feet that are just perfect for climbing trees. It has grasping toes that point both backward and forward. The chameleon is a very interesting creature. The other reptile you could see is the Indian Python. The python is a very large, tree-dwelling snake that preys on a wide variety of animals. Some pythons have been known to kill animals as large as goats. Like all pythons, it kills its prey by squeezing with its strong muscular coils. An adult python may grow to a length of 6 meters and weigh more than 45 kilograms. Indian pythons are protected by law because they are endangered as people try to kill them for their beautiful skin.

The beautiful leopard and the Asian elephant are two mammals that can be found in Sri Lanka. The large spotted cat is known as a great hunter and often hated by farmers because they often kill goats and sheep. People sometimes kill leopards because of their beautiful spotted colored coats. This animal is also becoming an endangered animal. The Asian elephant is a giant animal that can weigh up to 4,540 kilograms. It can spend up to 18 hours per day gathering enough food to keep itself going. It eats about 150 kilograms of fruit and leaves each day. The Asian elephant has been used by humans for more than 5,000 years to tear out trees, to build roads, or to crash through city gates during warfare. The Asian elephant can live up to 40 years.

I hope you have enjoyed our look at the animals of Sri Lanka. We'll close our Window on the World for now. Join me next week for a study of a new country. Goodbye friends!

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