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中英双语阅读 : 诗情话意
Psalms Reflections and Paths

Psalm 9:14 that I may declare your praises in the gates of the Daughter of Zion and there rejoice in your salvation.

This song opens with a declaration, “Praise you, O Lord (Psalm 9:1)”. Ironically, it is in the tune of “the Death of the Son”. How can the poet praise the Lord at the death of the Son? How can death become salvation? As we read on, we will notice that the poet’s joy and faith intensified as his audiences and areas of coverage increased. Praise was a personal exaltation in the Lord at first (Psalm 9:2). This became a declaration among nations in Psalm 9:11 and was extended to the general public in 9:14. God’s wonder was praiseworthy. Actually, the death of the Son was the condition the poet was faced with. Instead of giving up, the poet chose to seek God with praises. These praises led him to experience God. God redeemed him from hopelessness and death with the comfort of promises. Enemies turned back, stumbled and perished (Psalm 9:3); nations were rebuked and the wicked were destroyed (Psalm 9:5). Not only were they destroyed, their cities were uprooted and their nations were rebuked and their name was blotted out forever. All these things the poet trusted would come to pass when he called on the Lord for mercy (Psalm 9:13) and called for judgment on the nations (Psalm 9:19-20). In trials, one needs to persevere with self-control and hope. One needs to sustain his faith and love for God. God sees and will come to act. Wait patiently and we will see His kindness and mercy.

Zion is the place where God dwelled (Psalm 9:11). “Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? “(1 Cor. 3:16). In Him, we have the strength and power to witness God’s salvation and His good work in us.

Pray that God listens to our praises. Pray that the Spirit of God will manifest His power in us and in others, and that a new song of praises will be sung everyday. Our rejoicing in Him will be forever and ever, in death or life, and in darkness or light.

诗篇9:14 好叫我述说你一切的美德; 我必在锡安城( 原文“城”又作“女子” ) 的门因你的救恩欢乐。

这诗以一个宣告开始, 「至高者啊, 我要歌颂你的名!」(9:1) 。讽刺的是,该诗的曲调采用的却是"儿子的死亡"。为何诗人能面对儿子的死亡却赞美神?死亡又怎么能变成救恩?当我们继续阅读下去,就会发现诗人的喜乐和信心随着听众和所涵盖之处的扩大而加增。赞美从起初个人的喜乐(9:2) ,到向众民的宣告(9:11) ,直至涵盖在锡安的公众(9:14) 。神奇妙的作为是值得赞美的!其实儿子的死亡是诗人身处的境况。但他不是消沉放弃,而是以赞美寻求神。这赞美叫他经历到神。神把他从无望和死亡中拯救出来,以应许安慰他。仇敌转身退去,跌倒灭亡(9:3) ;外邦被斥责,恶人被灭绝(9:5) 。他们不仅被毁灭,他们的城邑也被拔起,名号归于无有。当诗人在呼求神怜悯(9:13)和求神审判外邦人(9:19-20)时,他所相信的这一切都会成就。在试炼中,人要坚忍,存盼望,持守信心和爱神。神看见这一切,并会采取行动。安静的等待,我们就得见神的慈爱和怜悯。

锡安是神居住的地方 (9:11) 。 「岂不知你们是神的殿, 神的灵住在你们里头么?」 (林前3:16) ,在祂里面,我们有力量和能力来见证神的救恩和祂在我们里面的善工。


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