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Light 'Em Up! [ mp3 ]

Rick: Good morning, Don... What in the world?

Don: Morning, Rick! Merry Christmas! How do you like my big Christmas light show?

Rick: Don, this is crazy! You have lights running all over our cubicles! There are wires everywhere!

Don: I know it! I just love Christmas.

Rick: There are so many lights in here that it is blinding. And not only that, it's hot! Don, when the Boss sees this he is not going to be happy.

Don: If he wants to be an old Scrooge, then let him! But not me! I have lots of Christmas spirit! I have... (electrical fritz. Everything powers down) knocked out power to the entire building.

Boss: Mr. Parrish. Could you step into my office?

Don: Sure, Boss. Say, you aren't one of those "Scrooge" kind of guys, are you?

Boss: Excuse me?

Rick: Today's life word is light! There is real meaning behind all the beautiful lights of the Christmas celebration. All those lights remind us that Jesus is the light of the world!

Don: The Light of the world can bring a wonderful difference to your life as well! Click for our free booklet about Christmas. My name is Donny Parrish

Rick: And mine is Rick Russell. This is Lifeword!




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