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Traditional Chinese

你记得吗? Remembering

RUTH: Hello and welcome to 'Say it Again'. I'm Ruth and back with me again this week is Aries. Today we're looking back on our childhood and remembering what it was like to grow up in both Singapore and England. We're also going to be listening to a new drama. It's between the brother and sister, Grace and Jim. They were in the last two programmes. This week, they're talking about a bike. We also have another true story. This week, it's about Sok Em from Cambodia. So let's start at the beginning. Aries, can you remember how you felt when you started school in Singapore?

ARIES: As far as I can remember, I hated school when I was young and I'm really scared of going to school. I practically tried to run away from school when I started school for about a few days. Ruth, were your school days different to mine?

RUTH: Yes, they were. I remember quite clearly that I enjoyed school straight away. I always did well in my lessons and especially music. Maybe that's why I teach music.

For some people, remembering about their past can be full of good things. For others, it might bring back the hurt from accidents or sadness. In our drama today, Jim and Grace are remembering back to when they were young children. They're remembering about their first bicycles. Listen to what questions they ask each other. Something also happened to Jim when he was a little boy. Listen to their conversation to find out what it was.


RUTH: So Aries, what questions did Grace ask Jim?

ARIES: Grace asked her brother Jim if he could remember when they first had bikes given to them when they were children. She wanted to know how he felt when he first saw it.

RUTH: Yes, that's right. She later asked Jim another question about their parents. Can you remember that question?

ARIES: She asked him if he remembered what their parents thought about them both going out all the time on their bikes.

RUTH: That's right, let's listen to that part again.


RUTH: Something then happened that changed all of that. Can you remember what it was?

ARIES: That was the accident. They were talking about it. Jim remembers what happened to him. He remembers just how silly he felt he'd been. He said something about his bike, I didn't understand it. I think he used the word 'ruined'?

RUTH: Yes he did. This word 'ruined' means, useless, smashed or broken. He was saying, by using this word, that the bike was beyond repair. Something else happened, not just to the bike but also to him. Can you remember what that was?

ARIES: Yes, he broke his leg. I think that was really sad. I agree with his parents I think he suffered enough. A broken bike and a broken leg are enough punishment for anyone. I hope he takes more care of his new bike.

RUTH: All of the questions I am going to ask Aries next can be used to help people remember things that happened. Why don't you 'say them again' with Aries. 'What were you doing yesterday? '

ARIES: 'What were you doing yesterday?'

RUTH: 'Why didn't you go there?'

ARIES: 'Why didn't you go there?'

RUTH: 'How did you feel when you missed the bus?'

ARIES: 'How did you feel when you missed the bus?

RUTH: Each of those sentences can be used when you are asking people to remember things that have happened. Why don't you practice using them this week? A good way to answer these questions would be by starting off your answer with 'as far as I can remember......'

RUTH: As I said at the beginning of the programme today, we have the true story of Sok Em. He is remembering how he and his pregnant wife fled from the Khmer Rouge soldiers. This is read for us by Mike.

Story Testimony

As my wife and I ran through the forest, we could hear the sound of guns firing at us. We were escaping from the guns of the Khmer Rouge soldiers who had destroyed our village.

My wife was pregnant and I was fearful of her safety and that of our un-born child. Yet we had to escape to reach freedom. We carefully ran through the forest. We knew that bombs had been hidden along the path. These people would stop at nothing to harm us. For three days we ran on and on. We wanted to reach Thailand to cross the border into safety.

Our freedom was good. The camp we were placed in was full of kindness, these people were different. They showed us love and care as we rested and my wife gave birth to our child. I never wanted anything to do with religion. I was sure that religion could do nothing for me. Yet I began to realize that these people were not religious but had a living faith in what I found out to be a living God.

I began to speak to this God as they explained to me that he could forgive my sins and give me a new life, free me from the hatred and anger I felt against my enemies. My life has now changed completely. God's power has changed my life and now I'm helping others to find this in their own life.

RUTH: That was not a pleasant memory for Sok Em. It was good that on finding faith in the living God, Sok Em and his wife were able to be free from the hatred they felt towards their enemies.

Remembering many things needs a good memory. Let us help you remember the sentences we practiced earlier. Why don't you 'say them again' with Aries after me. 'What were you doing yesterday?'

ARIES: 'What were you doing yesterday?'

RUTH: 'Why didn't you go there?'

ARIES: 'Why didn't you go there?'

RUTH: 'How did you feel when you missed the bus?'

ARIES: 'How did you feel when you missed the bus?'

RUTH: I hope that has helped you remember. Next week, I won't have Aries with me but I'll have someone different. Grace will be here with me and we'll be looking at 'York Minster'. This is a large cathedral in the city of York. This is the first in a new occasional series when we'll be looking at different places of interest around Britain. In this series, we will be visiting 'The Tower of London', and 'St Paul's Cathederal', both in London. We'll also be visiting places that maybe you've never heard of. I look forward to introducing Grace to you next week. I hope you remember to join us again then. Good-Bye.

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