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RUTH: Hello. Welcome to another programme in the teaching English series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth. I know Leslie enjoyed being with you over the last few weeks, but I'm pleased to be back here with you now. With me this week I have Bela. Hello, Bela.

BELA: Hello Ruth! I think our listener might be confused hearing my voice. I think I need to explain. Lee Kee is sick and so she can't be here. So I will be with you for the next few weeks. I am looking forward to 'saying it again' with you. What's happening on today's programme?

RUTH: Today there is another true story. It's the story of Bernhard Langer - he's a professional golf player from Germany. And of course, there is another drama between Paul and Grace. Let's start today with the drama between Grace and her younger brother Paul. Let me remind you - Grace and Paul are brother and sister, and each week they have many things to say to each other. In our last programme, they were talking about 'cans of' and 'packets of'. Today they are talking about Grace's birthday party. It's all about food again!


RUTH: When we were talking about making suggestions a few months ago, we used the phrase - 'how about'. You say 'how about' when you are suggesting something to someone. Bela, in the conversation we've just heard, did you hear the phrase 'how about'?

BELA: I think I heard something. I think Grace suggested 'how about a fruit salad?' Yes! I remember. Grace suggested it to go with the ice-cream. She said to Paul, 'How about a fruit salad?'

RUTH: Good! Then she said, 'How about a fresh pineapple? There was one other time the phrase was used. Let's hear that small section again.


RUTH: So what did Paul suggest, Bela?

BELA: How about a birthday cake?

RUTH: Yes! He suggested to Grace that they get a birthday cake for her party. Bela, did you remember hearing what Paul liked?

BELA: Yes, he likes ice-cream! So do I!

RUTH: What kind of fruit will they put into the fruit salad? Can you give me a list?

BELA: Yes. Apples, oranges, bananas and pears.

RUTH: Don't forget the fresh pineapple. Can you remember, Bela, what you put into a green salad? Can you give me the answer in a list this time as well?

BELA: Yes! Lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, some cucumber and peppers! Is that right?

RUTH: Yes it is!

RUTH: There is one more question I want to ask concerning the conversation between Grace and Paul. That is, did you hear the verb which means 'to take the skin off?'

BELA: I'm not sure, was it 'to skin'.

RUTH: Yes! It's either 'to skin' or 'to peel the skin off'. Let's use the verb 'to peel' in a sentence. I'll say it first. Why don't you say it again after me with Bela? 'Sometimes it's hard to peel potatoes.'

BELA: 'Sometimes it's hard to peel potatoes.'

RUTH: We've talked today about making lists. I asked Bela twice to answer me using a list. That was where she answered by only giving me what I asked for - 'lettuce, tomatoes and spring-onions'; and earlier when she said, 'Apples, oranges, bananas and pears.' Bela, can you give me a list of colours?

BELA: 'Red, yellow, green, blue and pink.'

RUTH: That's right. Usually before the last word in a list, you add the word 'and'. Bela said 'and pink.' Let's have one more practice. Bela, can you give me a list of clothes?

BELA: 'Trousers, shorts, skirts and blouse.'

RUTH: There will be time at the end of the programme to practice making lists.

RUTH: I mentioned at the beginning of the programme about our true story. It's the story of Bernhard Langer from Germany. He has played golf in many countries around the word. He was rich and famous, but found in his life a real emptiness. He didn't know what was missing, he thought he had everything. Andrew Bowker is reading Bernhard's story.

Story Testimony

Many people have said that Bernhard Langer is the best golf player in the world. The newspapers said this, 'Once more Langer has beaten the worldˇs best players.'

I was famous and possessed everything I needed. But despite all this, I felt empty inside. I didn't know what was missing. I grew up in a religious family but this made no difference. I lived my life as though God didn't exist.

One day, I was reading a newspaper and what I read surprised me. It said, 'You can enjoy peace and freedom from the things that trouble you. You can receive the power of God's living Holy Spirit. This will bring you the joy that is missing in your life.' Then it told how people were being reborn in Jesus Christ. I decide to see for myself, so I said, 'God, please give me joy. I'm sorry for all the wrong things I have done.' I also said, 'God, I believe your Son Jesus Christ died to take away my sins and give me everlasting life in you.' This changed my life.

When I won the prize, someone asked me, 'Do you feel happier about winning this time or when you won in 1985?' I replied, 'I considered it a great honour and privilege to win here at this time. You see, it's Easter Day when Jesus Christ came back from the dead. Because of this, I'm able to receive forgiveness for my sins and to receive God's Holy Spirit. Now I say to everyone, 'I hope that you will be able to find that same joy and peace that I now know. It's the joy and peace that come from knowing and loving the Lord God through Jesus Christ.'

RUTH: At the beginning of today's 'Say It Again' programme, Bela and I were talking about the phrase 'How about'. We didn't practice using it earlier but we're going to do that now. Bela, can you give me a sentence using the phrase 'How about'?

BELA: Ruth, how about going shopping when we've finished this programme?

RUTH: That's right! We also talked about lists and Bela gave me two lists. Let's repeat them now. I'll say them first then can you repeat them after me with Bela. The first list was one of colours - 'red, yellow, green, blue and pink.'

BELA: 'Red, yellow, green, blue and pink.'

RUTH: The other was a list of clothes - 'trousers, shorts, skirts and blouse.'

BELA: 'Trousers, shorts, skirts and blouse.'

RUTH: The verb we practised today was 'to peel'. Bela gave me a sentence about potatoes. I'll say it first and then you can repeat it after me. 'Sometimes it's hard to peel potatoes.'

BELA: 'Sometimes it's hard to peel potatoes.'

RUTH: Sometimes it's hard to remember to listen to 'Say It Again'! Bela and I hope that you don't find it hard to remember to listen to us. That's all the time Bela and I have for this programme. Please join us soon for another 'Say It Again'. Goodbye from Bela and me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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