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柯文特花园集市 Covent Garden Market

RUTH: Hello, and welcome to another in the series 'Say It Again'. In today's programme, we look at another interesting place in Britain. My name is Ruth, and with me this week I have Grace. Welcome back, Grace. In previous programmes, Grace has looked at 'Gretna Green' in Scotland, 'Sheffield Park Gardens' in the South of England and 'York Minster' in North Yorkshire. Where are we going today, Grace?

GRACE: Well Ruth, thanks for having me here today. It's good to be back in the programme. The place I've chosen for us to visit is 'Covent Garden Market'. This is a market that can be found in the centre of the city of London and it has got a very interesting history.

RUTH: Good, I enjoy shopping in markets. In some of our previous programmes with Aries and Lee Kee, we've talked about the differences in shopping at the market here in England and in Singapore. So, Grace, what's a little of the history of 'Covent Garden Market'?


RUTH: In each 'Say It Again' programme, there is a true story. Today it's the story of Justin from Nigeria. Justin was caught up in a life of wickedness so much so that he thought he would be expelled from school. Life was very difficult. It was only when a friend told him about Jesus Christ that Justin began to think about his life and how maybe he could change. Listen to this story about how clearly the living Jesus Christ spoke to him. Justin's story is being read by Andrew.

Story Testimony

I lived my life as though there was no God. It was a life of lusting after women. I drank heavily and smoked. I used people for my own advantage. At High School, I did what everyone else did. Before I knew what was happening, I was living a life of sin. I knew my parents did not like this new lifestyle. I didn't either, but I couldn't help it. My education was threatened. Several people close to me told me to change, but it wasn't easy. I knew I needed the help of Jesus Christ to change me, but I couldn't trust him to save me.

Early in 1982, my friend came to stay with me. He had come to share the Christian Gospel with me. That day, he fasted and asked the living God to speak into my heart. Then he started telling me of the love of Jesus Christ for my soul. I was touched by what he said, but could not make a decision at that moment.

Later as I was in bed, I heard a voice calling me, "Justin." I got up and looked around but there was no one. I went back to bed. Again, the same voice called out my name, "Justin." As I was wondering what it could be, the voice came a third time, "Justin." It warned me, "Stop doubting the things written in my Word." Immediately the tears of sadness started rolling down my face. I realised it was the living Lord Jesus speaking to me. For the first time in my life, I knelt down and asked Him for forgiveness. Suddenly, he turned my darkness into light, my sorrow into joy. He gave me a song in my heart. God told me that even though I was living a life of sin then, He still loved me. In this way, God changed my life. He set me free from sin.

RUTH: And the living Lord Jesus Christ still speaks today. All we need are ears to hear. Earlier in the programme, we were talking with Grace about markets. I know that there are many markets in England. Are they all the same?


RUTH: That's almost all that we have time for today. I enjoy having Grace here with me. I'm finding it really interesting discovering so much about my own country! I hope you are enjoying it too. I'll be here with you again for another 'Say It Again' programme soon. Please join me then. Goodbye from Grace and me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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