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Traditional Chinese

Hello, my name is Auntie Arlene. I will share with you different stories from my life. Some of them are quite amazing. My life has been rich with adventures. I have traveled this road for a very long time. It all began in a little house in the countryside. But the path has taken me to far away places. Will you join me on this journey? You will learn a lot about other people and places around this world. Are you ready? It will be a fun trip. So let's get started. [mp3]

学缝?? Learning to Sew


Sometimes it is necessary for me to use my sewing basket because something needs to be mended. That is where I keep spools of thread and needles. There are many different colors of thread. There are several shades of blue, green, red, yellow and, of course, lots of black and white. It looks just like a rainbow when I open the lid. Mending socks or hems in garments can be a relaxing chore. I also find that the old saying, "a stitch in time saves nine", seems to be true.

I often think about the time many years ago when I didn't know the first thing about mending or sewing. I was really at a loss of knowledge. When our family started to grow up, there began to be holes in the knees of the boy's trousers and torn hems in our little girl's dresses, as she tried to do what her big brothers did. This mother had to learn very quickly how to repair the defects.

Some elderly ladies came to my aid and gave me a sewing machine that had belonged to their mother. It was already forty-five years old ... but it worked! I was so grateful for it.

The sewing machine was just like the one my own mother had used when I was growing up. When not in use, it folded down inside of a cabinet and made a lovely table for a lamp. On sewing days, I would lift the machine up, lock it in place and get to work. Underneath the table was an iron platform called a treadle, which was used to operate the machine. A belt connects the big wheel alongside the treadle and the small wheel on top of the table - placing your foot on the treadle and moving it backwards and forwards make the wheels turn. You could sew fast or slow because your foot was the guide for speed. I remember warning my small children not to play near the wheel while I was busy sewing because it was dangerous.

Hem - The edge of a piece of cloth which is folded over and sewn.
Platform - A flat raised area or structure.

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