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斯里兰卡 - 食物 What's Cooking?

Sri Lanka - Food

Hello, friends. It's time to open our Window on the World. We're learning all about Sri Lanka. This island country is fascinating. Today, let's see what kinds of foods the Sri Lankan people enjoy.

I'm sure you could guess the main food of the Sri Lankans. Since this is an Asian country, you will find rice served with all meals. Rice is the staple in the Sri Lankan diet and is the basic food. Each people group in Sri Lanka is known for its own dishes. The different religions of the country play a large role in determining what people eat. Some do not eat flesh of any kind, but some include fish or eggs in their diet. Sri Lankan cooking is a combination of different types. Several different curries are popular, from mild to very spicy. Because Sri Lankans eat little meat, they do eat large amounts of peas, beans and nuts. A main meal usually begins with rice or bread, followed by a curry or dahl, which are lentils, and a vegetable such as cabbage or carrots. Favorite foods include pol sambol, which is scraped and spiced coconut, and katta sambol, which is a very spicy mixture of fried onions and chilies. The Burgher people are known for their cakes and sweetmeats. Tea is served with most meals and as a refreshment.

I think the foods of Sri Lanka sound interesting. I'm not one who eats much curry but I think I might try just a taste if I were visiting there. What about you, friends? Do you think you would enjoy the foods of Sri Lanka? I'll close our Window on the World for today. I hope you will join me next week for some interesting information about the animals of Sri Lanka. I'll be waiting for you.

Goodbye, friends!

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