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Traditional Chinese

中国 - 地理 China - Land

Welcome friends to Window on the World. Today we will begin a study on the People's Republic of China. This is a very large country in Asia. Let's start with information about the land. China's capital is Bejing. It is bordered by Mongolia and Russia on the north; Russia and North Korea on the northeast; the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea on the east; the South China Sea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, and Nepal on the south; and Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan on the west. China includes more than 2,900 offshore islands, in the South China Sea.. The area of China is 9,596,960 square kilometers. The country is slightly larger than the United States.

Although much of China is mountainous, the country can be divided into six major geographic regions. The Northwest region contains a large sandy desert where sand dunes rise to a height of about 100 meters. The second region is the Mongolian Borderland. It is in north central China. It has mainly sandy, stony, or gravel deserts. There are also flat rolling plains. A third region in the Northeast is the Manchurian Plain. It has broad valleys and gentle slopes that extend to the south, and is noted for its good natural harbors. The fourth region is North China. It has fertile soils and two mountain areas. There is also a rocky coast that provides some good natural harbors. Another region is South China. This region also has soiland some rugged mountains. This area is known for farming. The last region is called the Tibetan Plateau. This region near Tibet has the world's highest plateau region. You could find the Himalayas in this region.

China also has 3 major rivers. The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia and a major transportation route. The Huang He is a second river. It is called ¨China's Sorrow〃 because of its terrible flooding throughout history. The third river is called the Xi Jiang. This is a very important river in southern China. Each of these rivers flows from west to east to the Pacific Ocean.

China has a variety of climates. In the summertime, warm, moist air flows inland from the Pacific Ocean, which produces cyclones. This brings much rain. Summer temperatures average 26 degrees Celsius while winter temperatures range from 18 degrees Celsius in the south to about 4 degrees Celsius along the Yangtze River. Between July and November, typhoons bring high winds and heavy rains too. North China experiences a cold, dry winter. January temperatures range from about -10 to 4 degrees Celsius.

As you can tell, China is a very interesting country. Next week, we'll learn all about the people who live there. I hope you will join me then when we open our Window on the World! Goodbye for now friends.

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