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关岛 - 地理,民族 Guam - Land and People

Welcome to Window on the World. Each week we will travel the world to find out more about a location. Today our featured place is the island of Guam.

Guam is a United States territory just 30 miles long and 4-8 miles wide. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean approximately 5000 miles from Hawaii and about 3500 miles from the Philippines. The name Guam comes from "Guahan" meaning "we have".

"Hafa Adai!", is how you say hello on Guam. The people on the island speak English and a native language known as Chamorro. The local people are called "Chamorros". They are very friendly and generous.

The beautiful island is surrounded by crystal clear waters. The landscape is green year round. If you were to drive around the island you would see mountains and small villages in the south. As you continue north, the land is much flatter with more businesses and tall buildings.

The people enjoy many outdoor activities because the weather is always pleasant and warm. You can go diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, or hiking. You would really enjoy visiting Guam. Next week, we'll find out more about this little jewel in the Pacific. Be sure to tune in!

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