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Ho, Ho, Ho! He Won't Go! [ mp3 ]

Policeman: (Muffled "Help!") What kind of idiot would get stuck in a chimney...head first?

Rick: Well, officer, that is my friend Don. (muffled "Help") I know it seems odd, sir? (I'll say) Don is a good guy, but sometimes he gets carried away.

Don: I am standing on my head in here...

Policeman: So, your friend dressed up in a Santa suit and was coming down the chimney?

Rick: To the delight of everyone at my party. But now all he is doing is keeping me from building a fire.

Don: And all the blood is rushing to my head!

Policeman: MMhmm! (Clicks the radio) Dispatch, we're going to need a crane (What did he say?) A really BIG crane.

Rick: Today's life word is enter. Don wanted to make a big entrance into my party...but things did not work out the way he planned. Many people will have the same problem at the end of this life when it is time to enter heaven! The Bible says there is only one way to get into heaven...and that is through Jesus Christ! Click for our message to know for sure that you are going to heaven. This is Lifeword.

Don: I think I am going to be sick!

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