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伦敦塔 Tower of London

RUTH: Hello and welcome once again to 'Say It Again.' My name is Ruth and with me this week, I have Grace. Grace told us that she was born in Shanghai, but for the last thirty or so years, has lived here in Britain. Grace was with us a few weeks ago telling us about York Minster. What place have you come to talk about today?

GRACE: Well, I've changed cities and moved south from York to London. And I have chosen the Tower of London as my topic for this programme. Ruth, have you ever been to the Tower of London?

RUTH: Yes, I did visit it once when I was a very young child. The first part of the Tower of London was built in 1078. It is a place full of English history. Grace, could you tell me the names of some of the famous people of the past who had lived in the Tower of London?


RUTH: So that's more information about another interesting place in Britain. We'll be hearing more from Grace in a few weeks' time. When she returns, she'll tell us about another place of interest. One thing that always interests me is the true life stories we hear each week. This is good to hear how people who often feel that life hold no future for them, find a new life in God. Here is Neil reading Kida Tikoivanalevu's story. He became very sick through drinking alcohol. He was sent to prison and he felt that life held nothing else for him. That was until one day in prison he had a visitor.

Story Testimony

"My father's words were all that I could remember. 'Get out of my sight! I don't ever want to see you again. You brought too much shame on our house.'

As I lay underneath the bridge on my concrete bed, sheltering from the wind and rain, I thought of what would become of my life. Sometimes I had no food for days. My life was full of trouble. I had few friends but they were of no help to me. I became very sick through drinking so much alcohol. All I ever did was to get into trouble with the police. I was sent to prison a number of times. I even managed to escape from prison but as soon as I was caught again, the police made my next sentence harder and longer. I was in total despair.

One day, the prison guard came and told me of a visitor who was asking for me. I didn't know anybody, at least nobody who cared enough to visit. He was a friend of a street sleeper I knew. He'd become a believer in the living God and asked his new Christian friends to come and visit me.

'We want to help you to become a new man,' they said. I wanted this so much. I began to go to the Christian meetings held in the prison. As I listened, I began to understand who my real enemy was. I realized I was listening to my selfish desires and they were what led me into trouble. I learnt through listening to these people that God would take away my old wrong desires. In their place, He'd give me His Holy Spirit so that I could say no to the wrong things.

'Thank You God for sending your Son Jesus to this earth to die for me.' These were the new words that were going around in my head. Someone loved me and cared for me. This changed my life."

RUTH: Isn't it amazing how God changed Kida's life! Next week I'll have Aries back here with me. It's almost time for me to go now. I hope you enjoyed your tour around the Tower of London. Until next week then, goodbye.

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