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不同类型的容器 Different Types of Containers

LESLIE: Hello and welcome to another programme in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Leslie and with me this week I have Lee Kee. Welcome, Lee Kee.

LEE KEE: Hello Leslie. I'm very pleased to be here with you again. In the last 'Say It Again' programme, we heard about Bilquist Sheik. Today we have the last part of her story, don't we?

LESLIE: Yes we do! So far we've heard that Bilquist, as a divorced lady in Pakistan, was very much a lonely lady. She began to earnestly seek the Living God. Today we hear what happened when she prayed to Him. Mary is reading Bilquist's true story.

Story Testimony

Later on, the rich divorced lady was in hospital. She was reading the Bible that was given to her by her Christian friend. A Christian doctor who knew that she wasn't a Christian, came in, saw what she was reading, and was amazed. He asked her why she was reading the Bible.

She replied, "I'm earnestly seeking God. I don't understand you Christians - you make God so personal." The doctor said, "There is only one way, and that is to find out for yourself. Why don't you pray to God now, and ask Him to show you his way?" The rich lady smiled, but did not understand. The doctor said quietly, "Talk to God as if He were your Father." The doctor then left, and the following day, she returned home.

Was God like that? In her own front room, she knelt down and spoke to God, pleading with Him to come. Suddenly, God was right there with her, she could feel His presence, His warmth, His love.

In her Bible, she read how God spoke to people in their dreams. She also read that Jesus had said, "Look, I am standing at the door knocking, if anyone opens it, I will go in and eat with that person." Then she remembered her first dream, when Jesus was eating with her. Now she knew her dream had come from God. The way was clear, she could accept Him and let Him in, or she could reject Him, shut Him out. She decided to accept God into her life right there and then. She opened her heart and let God in. There was no struggle, Jesus was in her life and she knew it! The change in her was wonderful; a new sense of peace came into her life. She had found what she was looking for.

LESLIE: In our last programme, we began to look at shopping! Do you remember this?


LESLIE: Lee Kee and I used the word 'shopping' as a noun. And also we used the verb 'to shop'. Today I thought we'll look at the food that Paul brought and the various containers that it came in. Listen to the whole conversation now between Grace and her brother Paul. Listen out for all the different types of food and all the different containers that it came in.


LESLIE: So Lee Kee, what food did you hear mentioned?

LEE KEE: There was so much, I'm sure I'll not remember it all. There was soup, tins of fruit, tins of milk. I think he bought tins of meat and also some fish. Is that right?

LESLIE: Yes, that's a good list. There are different ways of describing the packaging that the food comes in. 'Bottles', 'tins', 'cartons', 'packets', 'cans', 'bags' and 'boxes'. That's quite a list! Let's play a game to practice all the words of these containers. I'll give Lee Kee one of these words and she'll give me a sentence using that word and also something you might find inside it. Right Lee Kee, my first word is 'tin'.

LEE KEE: 'A tin of soup'.

LESLIE: That's right. You must always say 'a tin of ....' My next container is 'packet'.

LEE KEE: 'A packet of sugar'.

LESLIE: Good! Are your answers the same as Lee Kee's? Let's try 'can'.

LEE KEE: 'A can of Coca Cola''.

LESLIE: That's right. The Americans always use the word 'can' when referring to Coca Cola. My next word is 'bag'.

LEE KEE: 'A bag of shopping'. In England you can buy a bag of apples.

LESLIE: Yes, often shopkeepers here in England put loose items like apples, oranges or pears into bags. My next container is 'bottle'.

LEE KEE: 'A bottle of milk'.

LESLIE: In England, we can still buy our milk in glass bottles. Although a lot of people would buy milk in my next container - 'carton'.

LEE KEE: I'm going to be different and say, 'a carton of orange juice'.

LESLIE: Good. My last word is 'box'. What, Lee Kee, would you by in a box?

LEE KEE: 'A box of chocolates'.

LESLIE: One of my favourites. That's a good one to finish with.

LESLIE: Were your answers the same as Lee Kee's? Or did you put something different in all your containers? You can play this game with your friends. As we come to the end of another 'Say It Again' programme, there is just a little time left for Lee Kee and me to go over those seven containers again. Lee Kee, do you remember any of them?

LEE KEE: Yes Leslie, I think I can remember some of them. Let me try - there were 'packets', 'boxes', 'bottles', 'bags', and I think 'cans'. That must leave 'tins' and 'cartons'. Is that all of the seven?

LESLIE: Yes, that's right. We used each of the seven words in a sentence while we played the game. Let me remind you of it. I gave Lee Kee the name of a container and she had to make up a sentence using the container's name and putting something in it. So for 'bottle' she said, 'a bottle of milk'. You could make the game more difficult by adding a number. Let me give you an example - 'three bottles of milk.' We haven't got time to repeat this with all seven of our containers but I'll give Lee Kee a few to help you practice. Lee Kee, I'll give you a number and a container and you have to put them both into a sentence. My container is 'packets' and the number 'four'.

LEE KEE: 'I'll like four packets of breakfast cereal, please!'

LESLIE: That's right. Let's try this time with the number 'seven' and the container 'tins'.

LEE KEE: 'I brought seven tins of soup.'

LESLIE: I hope youˇll understand the idea and play this game with your friends. Always remember that 'packets of' and 'tins of' and 'bottles of ' is the correct way to describe what you've got. That's all we have time for in today's programme. I won't be here for the next programme. Ruth will be back with you then so please join Ruth and Lee Kee for another 'Say It Again' programme. From Lee Kee and me...

BOTH: Goodbye.

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