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Traditional Chinese

说‘好’ Saying 'Yes'

RUTH: Welcome to another programme in our series 'Say It Again'. We've a lot of different things happening in today's programme. The last few weeks we had Aries with us. She's been telling us all about her family in Singapore and also some of the differences she's been finding between life in Singapore and here in England. Today we're talking about shopping, but first, do you remember this from our last programme?


RUTH: Let me remind you. Its part of our drama we played last programme. I wonder Aries, could you tell me a bit more about that drama we've just heard?

ARIES: Yes, I think I remember it. Grace and her brother couldn't agree about what they wanted to do together. I think they had some time for their own enjoyment. After thinking about a few ideas they decided on going to the market.

RUTH: Yes that's right. Let's hear the drama again. Listen to how the brother and sister come to an agreement. What is their decision?


ARIES: I think they both came to the best agreement they could. They decided to go to the market. To go to the market here in England is so different from that in Singapore. I've been to the market here in Leeds, England many times. I found it so big. There are many stalls in a large open yard. These are covered with big canopies. These stalls sell cakes, wallpaper, clothes. You can also buy there your fruit and vegetables. When you leave the open yard, you'll come to a large hall. Inside here, there are again many stalls. These as well, are all full of exciting things to buy. You can wander around for a long time just smelling and looking at all that is going on around you. Unlike in Asian markets, in Leeds, you don't bargain with the stall holders. They fix a price and that is what you have to pay.

RUTH: Agreeing with someone politely is our practice lesson for today. Saying 'please' and 'thank you' are polite ways of speech in England where we show we appreciate what the other person has done or will do for us. Maybe you can practice these sentences with a friend. I'll say them first and Aries will repeat them after me. Why don't you repeat them with Aries?

RUTH: 'I'd be glad to go to the market with you. Thank you'.

ARIES: 'I'd be glad to go to the market with you. Thank you'.

RUTH: 'Why, yes, of course you may borrow my book.'

ARIES: 'Why, yes, of course you may borrow my book.'

RUTH: 'By all means, go ahead and start.'

ARIES: 'By all means, go ahead and start.'

RUTH: That was good Aries. Here are some polite ways of refusing. Let's do the same, I'll say the sentences first. You can repeat them with Aries after me.

RUTH: 'I'm awfully sorry, but you see I just can't do it.'

ARIES: 'I'm awfully sorry, but you see I just can't do it.'

RUTH : 'I like to say yes, but I'm already going out.'

ARIES: 'I like to say yes, but I'm already going out.'

RUTH: The simplest way to agree with someone is to say 'yes'. The easiest way to refuse someone is to say 'no'. In English, we often use both of these words in a simple sentence. Aries, can you think of a simple sentence that uses the word 'yes'?

ARIES: 'Yes I'm sure I can.'

RUTH: That's right, now try making a sentence with the word 'no' in it.

ARIES: 'No, I don't want to, thank you'.

RUTH: Maybe you can think up and practice with your friends, polite ways of agreeing and refusing. You could also think up ways of saying 'yes' and 'no' to each other and using 'please' and 'thank you'.

RUTH: This week I have another true story. It's about Joung-Ja Kim, from Korea. Joung-ja Kim had everything she wanted and yet she felt something was missing from her life. Ruth reads her story.

Testimony Story

"Are you finding real happiness in life? This was a question I was asked by a friend one day as we sat talking. I had everything I thought I needed. I lived in my own house. I drove a very good car and on days when I went to work at the TV studio, a man would arrive and take me to work in a luxury car. I'd become famous. Everyone in Korea knew me from my TV and radio appearances. I had enough money so I could also support my brother, three sisters and my deaf father. My life was good. Everybody agreed that I had a good career.

Then one day, a Christian pastor asked me if I'll help him to make a film. I decided that it'll be a good career move and so I agreed. It was while we were filming that this pastor asked me to visit his church. I felt I had to agree to go. It was there that I was asked if I was finding real happiness in my life. In all truthfulness, I had to say that despite all I had, I haven't found true happiness. This friend told me all about Jesus and how he died and risen again to save me. I had a decision to make. I could either agree with what I was told or I could disagree and go away. I thought hard about my decision and realised I wanted to accept for myself what Jesus had done. It was the best decision of my life.

I no longer appear on TV. I decided to go and work in India. I teach people to read and write and I found great happiness. Accepting Jesus into my life was the best decision I ever made."

RUTH: Next week, there will be another story. It's good to hear stories about different people. Joung-Ja Kim had a decision to make. She realised that she wanted to accept for herself what Jesus had done for her. Saying 'yes' to Jesus Christ can be hard, but you, like Joung-Ja Kim, can find it's the best decision youˇll ever make. One decision Aries and I hope that you make is to say 'yes' to joining us next week. There will be another true story and we'll have a new drama with Grace and her brother Jim. So join us then. From Aries and myself

BOTH: Goodbye.

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