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雪菲尔公园 Sheffield Park Garden

RUTH: Hello and welcome to another in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth. Today I thought you might like a change. Last week I told you that I'll have Grace here with me. Do you remember where I said she'll be taking us? Maybe I'll let Grace herself tell you. Welcome Grace.

GRACE: Thank you, Ruth. It's good to be back here with you on 'Say It Again'. Last time I was in the studio, we talked about Cawdor Castle in Scotland. Today, we're traveling to the other end of Britain, to the county of East Sussex and this is in the southeast of England. The place I'm taking you is 'Sheffield Park Garden.' Ruth, did you know that the word 'Sheffield' is very old. It originally meant 'sheep clearing', which suggests that this area of England was open country. Very good I would expect for rearing sheep.

RUTH: Every time you come and join me Grace, you always tell me such interesting facts. I'm looking forward to hearing more about 'Sheffield Park Gardens'. But before we do, let's have our true story. We have one each week on 'Say It Again'. This story is about Jose de Gloria, from Brazil. It's read for us by Matthew Knight.

Story Testimony

I laid there in the middle of the road in agony. I'd been hit by a car and now both my legs were broken. Later they took me to hospital.

Before the accident happened, I worked, then at night time I studied at college. A teacher at college asked me, "Would you like to go to a meeting with me?" When I realized that it was a religious meeting, I said "No, I don't need religion." But now as I lay there on the hospital bed getting better, I wanted something to read. By the bed was a book, so I picked it up and started to read it. To my surprise, I found that I was reading from the Gospel of St. Matthew in the Christian's Bible. I found it very interesting. It said that most of the trouble in the world is caused by selfishness, and that every one of us has a selfish spirit. But I saw that the Bible tells us of a way to change this spirit and to make it good. It said that by coming to earth and dying to take away our sins, Jesus Christ made this possible. I discovered that we can find true happiness by letting God's Holy Spirit guide our lives. So then I prayed to God and asked him to forgive my selfish ways. I was really sorry for my sins.

After this, I felt that I now had the power to say 'no' to things that I didn't need or want. Through God, my life has changed. I now help people find the true happiness that I have. I tell them "You don't need another religion. What you do need is to feel God's Holy Spirit guiding you towards a better life."

RUTH: Each of the true stories we hear is so exciting. I'm always amazed at how the living God deals with each person individually. Don't you agree Grace?

GRACE: Yes, Ruth, I do. Maybe one week you can tell us how you yourself met the living God. I'm sure that's a very interesting story.

RUTH: Yes, Grace it is. But now, Grace, let's return to Sheffield Park Garden. I've read that the first map of the area was made over 200 years ago in 1745. What special features were on this map?


RUTH: Thank you Grace, for another visit to an interesting place. Grace will be back again later in the series. Each week in 'Say It Again', there's the opportunity to practice new phrases and sentences. So why don't you join me again next week and we'll be looking at motorbikes. I wonder what the other Grace and Jim, our sister and brother pair, will have to say about that. Until then, goodbye from Grace and me...

BOTH: Goodbye.

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