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Hello, my name is Auntie Arlene. I will share with you different stories from my life. Some of them are quite amazing. My life has been rich with adventures. I have traveled this road for a very long time. It all began in a little house in the countryside. But the path has taken me to far away places. Will you join me on this journey? You will learn a lot about other people and places around this world. Are you ready? It will be a fun trip. So let's get started. [mp3]

弱肉强食 The Pecking Order


The smaller birds will sit in the bushes and wait for a turn to fill their tummies, too. They are so pretty with a variety of colors; black and white Chickadees, bright Yellow Finches, and Purple Finches that look like they dipped their heads in red wine. There are usually several different birds taking turns to drink from the bird bath and take a swim at the same time. It looks like a rainbow having a party!

Underneath the feeder are Mourning Doves. They get their name because their song is a sound of sorrow. They walk in a funny way, too. They share the seeds scattered from the feeder above with the squirrels.

Everyone has something to eat and they sing many songs - I'd like to think they are songs of thanks to the one who filled the feeder and the bird bath with fresh supplies.

I also like to sing like the birds and be thankful for everything I have, even if I don't always sing the right note. I do try my best and I enjoy the fellowship with like-minded people as we make a joyful noise together. We are all like-minded in wanting to sing our thanks, and yet we are all very different, just like the birds.

One day as I sang with a group, I noticed that some people insist on sitting in certain seats. Often they were late for practice and they would almost climb over others to get to their seats. I guess they thought that was their rightful position. I smiled and thought this is just like the "pecking order at my bird feeder". I hoped that I would always be content to sing, even if it was in the back row. In the end, everyone still gets to sing, just as those birds all get something to eat at my feeder.

Do you think the birds realize that even if there were no pecking order, none would miss out on the food? I wonder how many of us are like the birds with their pecking order, competing for our position in life no matter what it costs. Do you think there is someone replenishing our lives regardless of our pecking order?

Sorrow - A feeling of great sadness.
Pecking order - An informal social system in which some people or groups know they are more or less important than others.

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