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日本 - 动物 Japan - Animals

Konnichiwa, and welcome to Window on the World! We have been enjoying a visit to the beautiful country of Japan in the last three weeks. Today we will focus our attention on the many interesting plants and animals that can be found there.

Japan is home to between 4,000 to 6,000 native species of plants or trees. The most famous trees grown in Japan are the cherry trees. The beautiful blossoms can be seen in the springtime. They are lovely pink flowers that cover each branch of the cherry tree. The people enjoy having a flower viewing party under their cherry trees. Other pretty trees include red maple and pine trees. Fruit trees are also grown in Japan. Flower arranging, called ikebana, is very popular and dates back to the 15th century. The rules for flower arranging follow very strict rules to represent earth and people.

Japan has unique animal life. There are 118 species of wild land animals. Most are small rodents. There are also bears, deer, boars, flying squirrels, bats, monkeys and a type of raccoon called a raccoon dog. You can also find small birds called woodpeckers that have very long and strong beaks to make holes in trees. Larger birds include pheasants and cranes. The crane is a tall white bird with a black head and wing tips. Children in Japan enjoy making paper animals by folding colorful squares of paper. This is called origami. It is a popular pastime and you might see paper dogs, birds and even gorillas!

Japan has been a very interesting place to visit through our Window on the World. We hope you have enjoyed learning about our Japanese friends and their country. If youˇd like us to feature your country, write and tell us. We love opening our window on a different part of the world each week. Sayonara, good-bye, as they say in Japan. Until we open our Window on the world again next week. Goodbye friends!

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