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北朝鲜 - 动物 North Korea - Animals

Hello again, friends. It's time to open our Window on the World. We have been learning many new things about the country of North Korea. This week we'll find out about the animals that can be found there.

There are several different kinds of mammals that make their homes in North Korea. Two interesting kinds of dogs are the gray wolf and the red fox. The gray wolf is known to howl loudly at night. The red fox is known for its red coat. Another large animal is the wild boar or wild pig. It can weigh up to 180 kilograms as an adult boar. It has long tusks that are used to dig for roots, nuts and fruits. The red deer lives in the forests of North Korea. This animal is named for its red fur coat. The red deer has very long legs and can run quickly. The male red deer can be quite large, weighing up to 227 kilograms.

Two interesting birds are the peregrine falcon and the long-eared owl. The peregrine falcon is a bird that can fly about 100 kilometers per hour. It has the ability to dive in mid-air to kill its food. The long-eared owl has excellent hearing and fantastic eyesight. The long-eared owl is a nocturnal bird. It sleeps during the day and then hunts at night for mice to eat.

I hope you have enjoyed learning all about the animals of North Korea. Next week we'll discover more about another interesting country when we open our Window on the World. I'll be waiting for you, friends. Goodbye for now!

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