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新加坡- 食物 Singapore - Food


Hello friends. Welcome again to Window on the World. For the last two weeks, we have been learning about the city-state of Singapore. It has been interesting to know more about this place.

Today we'll find out about the foods that the Singaporean people enjoy. Rice is an important part of meals in Asia and you will find that to be true in Singapore. There is a wide variety of choices because of the different people who live there. You could enjoy foods made by Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian cooks. You might even find Japanese, French or Russian meals. Chopsticks are often used but I am glad to know that I could also have a fork. I need lots of practice with chopsticks!

You could enjoy eating delicious seafood in Singapore. Fruits and vegetables are also favorites and are also such good foods to eat. Did you know that your body needs all kinds of foods to grow strong and healthy? Rice will give you energy so you can play and do your work each day. The fruits and vegetables have many vitamins and minerals to make your bones and muscles strong!

Well, friends, our time has come to close our Window on the World. Please plan to join us again next week as we continue to find out more about countries around the world. Goodbye for now!

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