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斯里兰卡 - 民族 Who Are They?

Sri Lanka - People

Greetings listening friends. Welcome to Window On The World. Last week we began a study of the country of Sri Lanka. Do you remember that this is an island country? It is just off the tip of India. Today, let's find out about the people of Sri Lanka. The population is about 18,400,000 people. It is said that the people of Sri Lanka have lived there for thousands of years. The people groups include Sinhalese, Tamil, Malay, Burghers, and Vedda. Both Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages and English is spoken by a very small part of the population.

The family is important to the Sri Lankan people. They often live close to other relatives. Women are responsible to take care of their households. Some women do work outside of the home. Parents expect to provide their children with all their basic needs until they are adults. Sri Lankans have great respect for the elderly. Younger family members listen carefully to the advise and counsel of the elders. Children are expected to take care of their elderly parents.

The people of Sri Lanka enjoy many sports including soccer, rugby, and cricket. Tennis, badminton, swimming, and fishing are also popular, and people like to play chess, bridge, and other table games. Attending cinemas showing European-language and Sri Lankan films is a favorite pastime. Sri Lanka also has a long tradition in the dramatic arts, and people enjoy both live and puppet theater.

The Sri Lankan people also enjoy visiting in homes. When you visit, you might want to remove your shoes before entering the home. It is also traditional to bring small gifts or food to the host. You will most likely be offered tea to drink. It is usually sweetened with milk and sugar. It would be impolite to refuse this beverage but you could ask for water if you did not care for tea. I do believe though that since tea is a main crop for Sri Lanka, I think it would be most delicious! I'm sure you would enjoy a visit to Sri Lanka. We'll close our Window On The World for now but do plan to listen again next time when we see what kinds of foods our Sri Lankan friends might eat. Farewell, for now friends.

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