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巴布亚纽几内亚 - 动物 Papua New Guinea - Animals

Greetings friends! This is our last week to learn about Papua New Guinea on our Window on the World. Today we'll find out about some interesting and very unusual animals from this island country. One fascinating insect is the New Guinea Stick Insect. It is a master of disguise because it hides so well among twigs and tree branches. It is very thin and brown in color. During the day it hangs ever so still on a branch but at night, it moves very slowly across tree leaves looking for other small insects to eat.

Another animal that I know would scare me is the Frill-Necked Lizard! This lizard has a mane or flap of skin that is at the back of its head, attached to the neck. It usually lies flat and you really can't see it. But ... if the lizard is threatened by another animal, it unfolds its mane and then flaps its jaws. It looks very scary and I know I'd run away if I saw the Frill-Necked Lizard.

Papua New Guinea has 644 kinds of birds. Some include the Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, the Bird of Paradise and the Rainbow Lorikeet. One unusual egg-laying mammal that also lives on the island is the Spiny Ant Eater. It is rather odd because mammals do not usually lay eggs. Their babies are born alive and usually have hair or fur. But the Spiny Ant Eater just lays her egg and waits for them to hatch! Other more common animals for this region of the world includes rats, bats, mice, and reptiles like snakes and crocodiles. Those are some animals I'd rather not get too close to!

We have discovered many new things about Papua New Guinea as we opened our Window on the World. Come back next week as we continue to learn more about countries in our region. Goodbye for now!

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