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  My name is Adam Neil and I am a college student in America. Though my parents are from America, I grew up in Asia. That has given me a unique perspective of life in American college. I hope that these short episodes can give you a feeling for life as a college student in America. [mp3]


乘雪橇 Sledding

Two weeks ago, we had a lot of snow fall in the town that my college is at. Because of this, a few of my friends and I decided that we should make use of the snow while it lasted, and go sledding down the hill in the park.

Sledding is a fun sport, and it is very simple to learn. All it takes is a long piece of plastic called a sled, and the only thing you have to do is to sit on the sled and slide down a hill covered with snow.

We waited until nine o'clock at night, so all the younger kids would be at home. We went to the park near our school, and climbed to the highest hill. Three of us got into one sled, and pushed ourselves down the hill. We started slowly, but started going faster and faster. By the time we hit the bottom, we were going at a very fast speed. At the bottom of the hill was a wall made out of hay, to protect the people sledding. Although the wall was soft, it still hurt as we were going very fast.

After falling out of the sled, we climbed back up the hill and did it many more times. We finally left at eleven o'clock, tired but happy.

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