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日本 - 食物 Japan - Food

Hi friends! Today, our Window on the World opens again to show us more about Japan and the foods the people enjoy. An important part of the Japanese diet is rice. Rice is served with each meal in a small rice bowl. Our friends in Japan use chopsticks to eat with. The chopsticks are 2 thin wooden sticks that are used together to eat your food. Using chopsticks takes patience and practice! I really have to concentrate to eat with them! I often will ask for a fork when I get tired of the chopsticks!

Fresh ingredients are very important in Japanese cooking. Every ingredient is carefully prepared to look beautiful. A popular item that is served before the meal is called sushi. It is often made with rice and fish. Sashimi, thin strips of raw fish are popular, too. A typical dinner you could eat would be rice, miso soup that is made from soybean paste, pickles and fish or meat. Some meat dishes include grilled chicken on a stick called yakitori or cooked beef with vegetables called sukiyaki. A favorite dish is deep fried seafood and vegetables called tempura.

A tasty side dish might be buckwheat noodles called soba. They are often served in a deep bowl of hot broth topped with vegetables.

The Japanese enjoy drinking green tea called 'ocha'. It is served after meals and whenever people get together. It is served hot with nothing added to it. Other popular beverages include black tea and wines made from rice called ˉsake'.

We have learned about many new foods today that are enjoyed in Japan. I'm starting to feel hungry! Before we close our Window on the world today, I invite you to listen next week when we find out about the plants and animals of Japan. Bye for now!

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