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北朝鲜 - 民族 North Korea - People

Greetings, friends! It's time to open our Window on the World. Last week we began a study on North Korea. Today, we'll learn about the people who live there. The population of North Korea is about 23,917,000. The Korean language is the main language. Russian, Chinese, and English are taught as second languages in the schools. All children must attend school for 10 years. There are about 5,000 primary schools in North Korea. Once a child finishes primary school there is an opportunity to attend one of the 4,000 secondary schools.

The North Korean people are actively encouraged to participate in sports. Soccer is the national sport. A second very popular sport is table tennis which is also called ping pong. Families enjoy going on outings and picnics together in the parks, especially on Sundays. This is the workers' day of rest. Many people also enjoy attending plays, opera, and movies. Watching television is also popular.

If you were to visit a North Korean family, it is considered polite and a sign of respect for guests to bring a small gift to the host. When you give the gift, you should hold it in both hands and then present it. Don't forget to take off your shoes before entering the house. In some places, you may even find that slippers are provided for you. Remember to always bow when you meet someone in North Korea. This is a sign of respect, too.

I'm sure you would be a very respectful guest if you were visiting in North Korea. It is time to close our Window on the World for today. Please tune in next time when we'll learn about the foods you could eat in North Korea. I'll be waiting for you. Goodbye for now, friends.

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