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新加坡- 民族 Singapore - People


Greetings, Friends! It is time to open our Window on the World again. Last week we found out facts about a city-state. Do you remember the name of this place? If you said, ¨Singapore,〃 you are correct! This week we will learn about the people who live in Singapore.

The population of Singapore is about 3, 400,000 people. About three quarters of the people are Chinese. Others who live there include Malays and Indians. The four national languages are Mandarin, English, Malay and Tamil. All Singaporeans are expected to learn English because it is widely used in business. Most Singaporeans are bi-lingual, meaning they speak more than one language.

Families are very important in Singapore. Respect for elders is expected. Many families live in tall apartment buildings in the city. Children go to primary school for 6 years and then often attend secondary school for at least 4 years after that. Education is encouraged and valued by families. The University of Singapore and various technical schools are available for those who would like to continue their educations.

Exercise and outdoor activities are popular in Singapore. People enjoy playing badminton, basketball, rugby, polo, cricket, squash, tennis and golf. Singapore has more golf courses than any other city in Southeast Asia. Water sports and sailing are also popular. There is also a strong interest in martial arts such as "tae kwon do." Many older people enjoy the ancient Chinese exercise known as "tˇai chi."

Iˇm sure that you would enjoy meeting the Singaporean people. Next week when our Window on the World opens, we will discover a little more about the foods and products of Singapore. Please be sure to listen! Goodbye for now, friends!

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