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It Is Better To Give [ mp3 ]

Don: Ok, Rick. Today is the day! Everyone in the office exchanges gifts today.

Rick: Yeah, this is always fun. Here is your gift, Don.

Don: For me? You bought a gift for me? Rick, you did not need to do this!

Rick: I know. You say that every year.

Don: What did you get me, Rick? What is in here? An i-Pod! You bought me an i-Pod!

Rick: Well, you keep talking about wanting one...

Don: Go ahead, Rick. Open yours!

Rick: Ah, fruitcake. You did not need to do this, Don.

Don: Nothing is too good for my best friend! Excuse me, Rick, while I go download some tunes! Woo hoo!

Rick: There is a wise saying that goes, "The thought behind the gift means more than the gift itself." Even so, when you give an i-Pod... and receive a fruitcake in return, it is hard to not be disappointed! But that is never a problem with God. He always gives great gifts... like Jesus! God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to come to earth and pay the penalty for our sin. That is what Christmas is all about.

Don: Hey, Rick. Can I have a piece of fruitcake?

Rick: Help yourself! Today's life word is Jesus. Click for the message, What Is Christmas all about? This is Lifeword.




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