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RUTH: Hello and welcome to 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth and I'm looking forward to spending the next fifteen minuets with you. In 'Say It Again' each week, there is the opportunity to learn something new about the English language. There is a lot happening. I hope you'll stay with us to the end. Oh yes, I did say us. Every week I have an English language student here with me. Today Bela is sitting beside me. Bela is from India and she will be helping you to 'Say It Again'. Welcome back Bela.

ARIES: Thank you Ruth for your welcome. I'm glad to be back again. I'm looking forward to spending the next few weeks with you. Which topic are we looking at in the English language today?

RUTH: Well, today's programme begins a series on descriptions. Over the next weeks, we'll be looking at phrases we use when describing objects. We'll also be describing different objects and events and looking at how things work. I'm not telling you what those 'things' are though. You'll have to listen to 'Say It Again' over the coming weeks to find out.

RUTH: As an introduction to our lesson on descriptions, we have a drama. If you've listened to the series over the last few months, you'll have heard Grace and her brother Jim or Grace and her younger brother Paul discussing many things. Today, Grace and Jim are talking about their friend Mei Ling. See if you can imagine what Mei Ling looks like. Try and make a picture in your mind of her skirt.


RUTH: Bela, did you notice how Jim described Mei Ling's clothes?

ARIES: He said, 'that long thing'.

RUTH: Yes, so he did tell us one thing about it. It was long! But if you're telling your friend about something, you need to explain more. Don't use the word 'thing'. Use its correct name. Did you hear what Grace called it?

ARIES: Yes! She said it was a skirt.

RUTH: A skirt, that's right! A skirt is a piece of clothing that is worn by ladies from the middle of the body downwards. Grace called it, a beautiful, full skirt. A full skirt has a lot of material in it. What else did Jim notice about Mei Ling's skirt?

ARIES: I think he noticed that the wind blew it about.

RUTH: So that tells you that it was light, not heavy cloth that the skirt was made from. It is important to know what something is made of. Bela, can you remember what Grace said the skirt was made of?

ARIES: I think she said it was made of silk, beautiful silk.

RUTH: That's right. Does Grace tell us anything more about it?

ARIES: It had lovely patterns on it, all stitched by hand. Did Mei Ling stitch the flower pattern on the skirt?

RUTH: I don't think that Grace said she knew who'd stitched the skirt. But it could have been Mei Ling herself. Jim and Grace did go on to talk about the color of the skirt. Grace said it was dark blue. So can you now picture the skirt that Mei Ling was wearing? Listen again to the description.


RUTH: Did that make the picture in your mind any clearer? I hope so. Bela, what was Mei Ling wearing as a top?

ARIES: It was a pale, blue blouse made of plain silk.

RUTH: You can say a plain, pale blue, silk blouse. You can put all the adjectives in front of the noun, like this. A plain, pale blue, silk blouse. This gives a good picture of the blouse.

RUTH: Bela and I will repeat some of these adjectives at the end of the programme. But before then, each week here on 'Say It Again', we have a true story. These stories are from all around the world, yet they have one thing that's the same. They all tell of how the Living God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, has helped each person through many different circumstances. In today's story, Amadeo Vallejo from Argentina, tells of how he was put into prison because he robbed and murdered people to obtain money so that he could buy drugs. It was while he was in prison that he began to read the Christian's bible. Listen to what happened to him. His story is being read by Andrew Fuste.

Story Testimony

"Amadeo Vallejo is the number one wanted man in the country." The papers said; "Amadeo is wanted by the police for murder and robbery".

It was true. I had killed and robbed people to get more money. Much of this money I spent on drugs, for I was addicted. If I had wanted to stop taking drugs, I would not have been able to.

One day, the police caught me, and took me to prison. Later on, a man came to prison to visit. He brought with him books which he started to hand out. They were copies of the Christian's Bible. I was not interested. "Take the book away, I don't need religion," I shouted. However, my cellmate took a bible from the man.

My cellmate could not read. So to show him how good I was, I said I would read it aloud. As I read to him, I made fun of it. I kept on laughing at what had been written in the book. But as I read more about God and Jesus Christ, I realized the bible tells us how to overcome our problems, how to find peace. I said to myself "In this book, the people's lives were changed. They could say no to wrong desires. They found truth."

I decided to talk with God. I told God "I am sorry for my wrong doings. Please forgive me. Please give me the power of your Holy Spirit. I can now see that you sent your Son Jesus Christ to take away our sins by dying for us".

After this, my life changed in a big way. So much so, the prison authorities agreed to let me go 15 years early. Now I seek to help other people understand the way that God can help them too. I thank God that I have been able to help many people find joy in life this way.

RUTH: Each week there is a different story, and each week we hear how the living God saves people who look to Him for help. Maybe you feel you need help. Then the opportunity is there for you to cry out to the Living God. He promises that if you seek Him out, he will answer you. Maybe one day we'll have your true story here on 'Say It Again'. Before we finish today's programme, there is a little time left for Bela and me to practice some of the phrases we learnt earlier. Firstly, remember that when describing something, it is always correct English to call something by its name. So Bela, the correct name for 'that long thing' we heard about in that drama is...?

ARIES: The correct name is a skirt. Mei Ling was also wearing a blouse.

RUTH: That's right. We practiced some adjectives - plain, blue, pale and silk. Bela, why don't you put them all together in a sentence to describe the blouse?

ARIES: Mei Ling was wearing a plain, pale blue, silk blouse. Is blouse the noun in that sentence?

RUTH: Yes Bela, it is. A noun is a word that's the name of a person or thing. Blouse is a noun, so is skirt. Another noun used in the drama was shoes. I hope that you've been able to follow all that's happened in today's programme. In our next programme, there'll be another chance to hear the drama we heard today. We'll be looking at some more nouns and adjectives. I hope you'll join us then for another in the series of 'Say It Again'. Goodbye from Bela and me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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