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关岛 - 水果和蔬菜 Guam - Fruits and Vegetables

Hello friends! Do you enjoy sweet fruits and tasty vegetables? Today, we'll open our ¨Window on the World〃 to discover what kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown on the island of Guam.

Because Guam has a warm climate year round, many things grow well here. You can see different kinds of fruit trees. Look up to see tall coconut palm trees with their fruits resting at the tops of the tree. The leafy mango trees begin to bear fruit in early May. The tree limbs are just full of the oval-shaped fruit. You can see people with long sticks trying to gather the green mangoes to take home to ripen. Another tasty fruit is the yellow star apple. It tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear. When cut, it makes pretty star-shaped slices, that are delicious in salads or just to eat for its sweet, juicy taste. The calamansi tree gives small round green fruit that is similar to a lime. Its juice makes a tasty juice when sweetened with sugar. Papayas are also grown and can be eaten chilled for breakfast or as a snack when pickled with vinegar and spicy peppers.

Farmers on Guam also grow some vegetables to sell in markets or stores. A favorite is the local cucumber. It is long and skinny and great in salads! You might also see rope-like green beans. They are very long and thin and delicious for dinner! Taro and sweet potatoes are grown as are pumpkins. You can see that there are many fruits and vegetables grown on Guam. I know you would enjoy these tasty treats!

Plan to join us next week as we open our Window on the World to look at the animals on Guam. Until then, "Adios."

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