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用语快递 Words Seen and Heard

  • Rejoice
    e.g. The winner jumped up and down to rejoice his victory.
  • Clinch
    e.g. They rejoiced after their local weightlifter clinched the country's first gold medal at the Olympics.
  • Celebrate
    e.g. When the score board showed 10 to 2 in the last game, the fans of the team already started to celebrate.
  • Triumph
    e.g. Members of the family celebrated the triumph of their daughter for winning a gold medal at the Olympic competition.
  • Congratulate
    e.g. The family congratulated her for winning the gold medal.
  • Confidence
    e.g. The loss was a blow to their confidence, but it did little to hurt their gold medal chances.
  • Defensive
    e.g. The soccer team played a defensive game close to the end when they were leading by just one point.
  • Strategy
    e.g. The team had a good defensive strategy and their opponents could not break through.
  • Revive
    e.g. Though the marathon runner fainted, he was revived quickly by the doctors.
  • Achievement
    e.g. To receive a gold medal was quite an achievement for the little war-torn country in Africa.
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