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Recently a primary school teacher in Jiangsu wrote and asked for help in finding interesting English topics for students in grade six. We are very interested in assisting teachers because we understand that it is not easy to teach English especially if it is not one's first language. Therefore, we would like to get more information to see how we can help. If you are a teacher, please fill in the form below. Please note that the more information we have, the better we can help you.

English Teaching Survey 教英语所需英语教材 调查
1. I teach English in a
kindergarten primary school junior high school
senior high school junior college university
I'm attending teachers' college/university None of the above

2. The grade level(s) that I teach

3. Describe the kind of material you use to teach your students. Please give examples. e.g. The alphabets, tenses, active/passive voice, ...

4. Other comments / questions / needs

5. I am a first time daily weekly monthly visitor to this website.





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