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你好! 我是 「轻轻松松学英语」 节目的John Doe老师,要是你在学习英语的话, 有问题可以在这里找答案, 也可以问我, 我每星期都会来答覆。 其中很多解答都备有mp3读出, 是练习听力的又一好机会! (注意:目前我祗能在这里回覆,不能以电邮作答,请谅!)

Hi! My name is John Doe. if you are learning English and have a question, you can try to find the answer here. You can also ask us, and we usually come and answer questions once a week. Many answers are read aloud in an mp3 file. So it is another good opportunity for you to practice listening!

(Note: At this time we can only reply you here and not by email. Sorry!)

- John Doe 老师

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Q 你好:
你很忙吗?John Doe老师。
A Hi, 牛丽,
Thank you very much! Yes, I was very busy in the past month and a half and did not have time to answer questions here. But now I am caught up!
- John

Q 我的语法很是问题。
A Hi,牛丽,
To improve, you must practice!
- John
lei sha

Learning English
Q Can I learn English very well?Hou to do?
A Hi, Lei Sha,
Yes, if you work on it, your English will improve! For some suggestions, read my suggestions to the others who also want to improve their English.
- John

Learning English Grammar
Q 怎样才能把英语轻松的学好 我的语法掌握的非常少 每次做题都很伤脑筋 希望老师能给我明确的指示
A Hi,麦子,
Once I read that Lin Yutang suggested people learning English to first learn to listen and speak. I totally agree. That is how babies learn a language.
- John

English Grammar
Q 怎样才能学好英语中的语法知识
A Hi, Sola,
One way is to read and listen to a lot of stories!
- John

A Story for Checking
Q Hello This is Hananiah.
Thanks for your last answer.
Now ,I wrote a story,could you check it? 请多多指教。
Beautiful Hands
Long long ago , there were three rich woman always
told besides the river everyday.One day ,they
quarreled.One of them said ;"Look my beautiful
white hands !" Another woman said :"My hands are
much more beautiful than you !" At that time a
woman begger came towards them and said:"ladies,
I am hungry,give me something to eat."
But they gave nothing to her, however they asked her:"Tell me old woman,whoes hands are the
most beautiful?"
There was also sitting a peasant woman,she was
very poor and her hands were dark from hard work.
The old woman walked forwards her,and said that
she was very hungry and wanted something to eat.
the peasant woman took onlt a cake out of her porkit,provid it into half and give her a half.
The old waman ate it and drunk some water,after it
she took the peasant woman by hands before the three rich women ,and said :"Now I told you whoes
hands is the most beautiful in all of you. Though
these old dark hands are dark from hard work,but
its give us food, and its are further whiter than
any of hands which did not do anything.
A Hi, Hananiah,
Interesting story. There are some grammatical and spelling mistakes in it. Look through it again carefully. After you have made some corrections, let me see it again.
- John

Learning English Well
Q Dear John Doe.
How are you!please tel me how can do best english.wait good news!bye
A Hi, Amy,
Learning English well requires hard work. Are you ready to put in some hard work?
- John

Wave File
Q 老师
wave file 是什么意思?
A Hi, Ann,
Wave files are a kind of computer audio files in specific formats - there are actually many different "wave" formats. Usually you can listen to a wave file using the "media player" or some similar program in your computer.
- John

Learning Grammar
Q Hi! John Doe 请问你认为什么方法学语法最好呢?谢谢!
A Hi, Gonglei,
The best way to learn it is to speak with native speakers. If you don't have that opportunity often, then the next best thing will be to listen on line or listen to the radio. But you must practice speaking English.
- John

Learning English for a Beginner
Q 你好:
A Hi, Lin,
I think speaking with young children is probably a great way for a beginner to learn English. If you don't have that opportunity, then read books designed for little children. They have pictures together with the words. A CD-ROM with both the words and how they sound will be great.
- John

Describing a Person
Q hi,John.I have a question about a word.How do we describe a person,whose personality is very easy to understand him or see what he thinks.I just remembered book included the word.Do you remind me of the whole word?Thanks a lot.
A Hi, Lilly,
There are a few ways to describe such a person:
1. He wears his heart on his sleeve.
2. He is like an open book. Everybody can tell what he thinks.
3. His candor wins people's trust easily.
- John

Learning Grammar by Oneself
Q 我想把语法学好,该怎么自学,请教.
A Hi Chrastiaan,
Make it a habit to listen to English. Use English whenever you have a chance. Read English stories out loud to yourself.
- John
Peanut monster

Special Verbs
Q Hihi, John, this is Peanut monster again!
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I'm sorry to bother you again. I have got another question for you, it's about the use of tenses.
There's a question in your website I found difficult to understand, i.e. "Bob saw the gunman (shot/shoot/was shooting/shoots) the guard. I guess the correct answer should be "shot". Shot should be the best choice as its tense is consistent with the main verb "saw". The model answer, however, as provided in your website is "shoot". I can't really understand!!!
Would you please help me to solve it?
Thanks a bunch!!! =)
A Hi, Peanut Monster,
There are a few verbs that are unique in that way: I saw him do it. You watched him die! She made me do it. (They may be a few more.)
- John
Peanut monster

Alice in Wonderland
Q Hihi, John, I enjoy listening to the online story, Alice in the Wonderland very much. There are 2 things I wanna ask. First of all, is it possible to upload the coming chapters more frequently, say, one whole chapter per week. What you have done for the previous week was to divide each chapter into 5 small scenes. It cost us five weeks to finish reading one chapter.
I guess it would be much better if you can manage to upload the story more frequently.
Secondly, my computer cannot load the latest scene of Alice in the Wonderland, i.e. II. The Pool of Tears (2).

Thanks for your attention!! =)
A Hi, Peanut Monster!
We want to make it not too hard for those learning English. Hence we just schedule the story to go on line a bit at a time so that not too many words are new each time.

The audio file of II. The Pool of Tears (2) is on line now. Sorry about that.

- John


An English Name
Q 谢谢老师答复.是这样的,
A I see. Here is one that is possible: Marj (short for Marjorie). You can find a list of names in this website: click here. You can find the meaning of the name there too.
- John

Cannot Receive TWR Broadcasts
Q 老师您好,多谢您上次的指点.
A Hi,小稚,
Thanks for writing back. Shortwave signals are harder to receive in the city.

By the way, you should write in English to me and practice! But if you don't feel confident, that is ok too.

- John

Can't Be Too Careful
Q 请问:can't be too carefull about.为什么译作千万要小心?
A Hi,Raythron,
"Can't be too careful" means that one can always be more careful because the issue being discussed is very serious, or the consequences very grave.

For example: When you go to a hospital nowadays, you should always wear a mask. SARS is no joke! You just can't be too careful about things like that!

- John


A Man Can't Have Too Many Ties
Q Hello Mr Doe. This is Hananiah.
How time flies! I have just finished the
"8 schools Unit examnation".The subject which is
English made me so nevios. I regret that i did not
study english hard,and i am always very lazy.
I will learn english as possible as i can.
OK , I don't know the setence ,which is "A man
can't have too many ties ,and a woman never have
too many hats."I don't know why it is translet into "男人不会嫌领带多的,女人不会嫌帽子多的。”
Is there any other ways which is simmilar as that
in English? Thanks a lot.
A Hi, Hananiah,
It is never too late to straighten up!

A man can't have too many ties means that no matter how many ties a man has, he still does not have enough. It is to describe how men like ties. A similar statement would be: a man can always use another tie.

The statement about a woman's hat is similar.

- John




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