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你好! 我是 「轻轻松松学英语」 节目的John Doe老师,要是你在学习英语的话, 有问题可以在这里找答案, 也可以问我, 我每星期都会来答覆。 其中很多解答都备有mp3读出, 是练习听力的又一好机会! (注意:目前我祗能在这里回覆,不能以电邮作答,请谅!)

Hi! My name is John Doe. if you are learning English and have a question, you can try to find the answer here. You can also ask us, and we usually come and answer questions once a week. Many answers are read aloud in an mp3 file. So it is another good opportunity for you to practice listening!

(Note: At this time we can only reply you here and not by email. Sorry!)

- John Doe 老师

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How to Improve Your English
Q 1.they know enough who kown how to learn
2.I haven't failed;i've found 1000 ways that don't work cannot teach a man anthing ,you can only help him discover it within himseelf

A Hi, antonia,
Thanks for sharing these sayings with us on learning. Let's all be lifelong learners!
- Anne

How to Improve Your Listening Skills
Q Hi! John Doe老师
I want to improve my English, I need some advises. Now I'm learn English in a language school in NY, I'm level 3.
Do you think watch movie is good for listening? And my grammar is not good, what can I do to improve? Can you give me a advise? Please..Thank you~~

A Hi, Maggie,
Watching movies is not a bad idea, but an even better way would be to spend time with English speakers. You can ask your friends to correct you when you make mistakes, and ask them to explain anything that you don't understand. Remember to review what you have learnt and to use it in your daily conversations. Make the most of your time in New York!
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q Mr Doe,
I am not bad at English !I can understand 80% of cctv-9 or 70% of VOA.I am an English teacher,but I want to work for a overseas company!What can I do to make myself qualified??Thanks a lot !

A Hi, 陈安品,
You can focus on learning business English used in the type of company you want to work for. And you have to be good at listening and speaking to be able to communicate with people.
- Anne

How to Expand Your Vocabulary
Q • 请问到底“Statement of conflicts of interest”是什么东西?有范文可以参考吗?

A Hi, Paul,
Did you come across this term in your work? A 'conflict of interest' is a business or legal term that describes a clash between a person's private matters and public responsibility. A 'statement' is a formal report, where an employee lists all the potential (possible, not yet happening) conflicts of interest related to his work. Have you tried looking for samples on the internet?
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q 简爱咋没了

A Hi, hehelyc,
It has been added back on now. Which of the classics do you enjoy most?
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q 该如何复习英语四级,我想请教您!

A Hi, 小卓,
Whatever syllabus you are following, you should make sure you understand all the lessons taught, and improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Study a bit every day, rather than trying to do a lot just before an exam.
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q HI john
i think whether we can upload some stories to your website,or can you add more stories to it ?i think it's a little less on the site .

A Hi, jxauyhj,
Thanks for your interest, and for letting us know that you'd like more stories on the website. Readers cannot add to our website. Some stories that we put up are only there for a limited period of time, so please come back regularly to download the latest ones. What kind of stories do you like best?
- Anne

How to Improve Your English
Q 被更新的内容还能找到吗?删除了就可惜了。

A Hi, 英迷,
Some, but not all, of the old material is still available in this new website. We've also added lots of new things to help students learn English. We hope you like it.
- Anne
Isaac Sammiul

How to Improve Your English
Q 我们明年初要写毕业论文了,我是英语专业的, 我选的题目是 “ 从《圣经》中研究基督信仰” 但是我发现我不知道从哪里下手,我是个基督徒对《圣经》也很熟悉但是我还是不知道怎么样去写8000-10000字的英文论文,而且现在也不能改变题目了,你能帮帮我吗,提一些写作建议。谢谢。

A Hi, Isaac Sammiul,
It sounds like you find the topic, as well as writing in English, a challenge. Dividing your thesis into clear sections will help you express your ideas.
- Anne

How to Improve Your Oral Skills
Q Hi,John Doe:
I am glad to know you .you have done good oral english is bad,though i pass CET6 and take part in the graduate enter exam.what kind of books and websites i could make use of?could you give me good advice?i'd like to engage in foreign trade.
why there aren't communicate center like BBS for leaners who want to improve oral english to practice or play games. appreciate your kindness.

A Hi, yeyeye,
This website as well as others have recordings that you can listen to. They will help you with your oral English. Can you find a friend whom you can practice with?
- Anne



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