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How to Improve Your English
如何提高英语水平 How to Improve Your English
如何扩大词汇 How to Expand Your Vocabulary
如何提高英语囗语能力 How to Improve Your Oral Skills
如何提高英语听力 How to Improve Your Listening Skills

Improving English for Work
Q 我的英语总是起步不大,我已参加工作了,我学的是旅游,在酒店工作。当然英语很重要,我应该怎么去学才有高的进步呢?谢谢JohnDoe老师!
A Hi,赵玉玲,
Needing to use English at work is a good incentive for improvement. Since you are in the hotel industry, it will be good to start with the basics you need for work. And you must decide how much time to devote to practicing it everyday.
- John

Improving Your English
Q 你好!我想学,不过我的基础很差。单词也少,语感也不好,词态也不行。怎么办呢?有没有容易上学的方法呢?谢谢
A Hi, 快乐之星,
Do you read English stories? If you don't, you should start now. Find a book that is right for your level and read it, looking up the words in a dictionary and write them down in a notebook together with how it is used in the story. Review that regularly.
- John

Improving in English
Q dear john:
i have worked for two years and like english very much .in university i have pasted CET-6and can read many english materials,but my spoken english and writing enlishis are not well .i want to improve it but not how to do .i would like to develop my occupation in foreign. so i have to learn my english well. but i can't express myself clearly .please tell me how to do .it's my first to vist you websit .thanks a lot.i'm sorry if there is errors in my question.
A Hi, 何雯,
Welcome! You have taken the first step to improve your English by practicing it here!

It is good that you have a goal to work towards - which is to work overseas. Since you like English, that will help you improve also. But perhaps you are not a person who pays attention to details and hence may have difficulties in writing even though you understand a lot of English. You can try listening in English more so that it becomes natural to you. Set a goal to listen to English for 15 minutes. English news would be a good start. Listening to the stories we have here is good too.

- John

Learning English Grammar
Q 怎样才能把英语轻松的学好 我的语法掌握的非常少 每次做题都很伤脑筋 希望老师能给我明确的指示
A Hi,麦子,
Once I read that Lin Yutang suggested people learning English to first learn to listen and speak. I totally agree. That is how babies learn a language.
- John

Effectively Improve English
Q Dear John Doe teacher,
I am an undergraduate,but I want to learn english well so as to pass enterance examination of graduate in 1th,2005. Could give me some some advices on how to effictively improve english as soon as possible? I always feel the structure of english sentence is too complicated to easily understand and identify. Could you give me some practical tip to easily analyse and understand the structure of sentences?
Best wishes
A Hi,Xinhui,
Your English is quite good.

Learning English well is a bit different from being able to pass your entrance exam especially if you are required to understand sentence structures. Since you have just a year to do that, I think it will be a challenge. I would suggest that you work on the language structures last. To improve English fast, you need to be hearing it and using it often so that it becomes natural to you. Even if you don't have much opportunity to speak it, listen to it as much as possible. It takes self-discipline. I would suggest that you set a goal for yourself on how much time to spend on it everyday or every week.

- John
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