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How to Improve Your Oral Skills
如何提高英语水平 How to Improve Your English
如何扩大词汇 How to Expand Your Vocabulary
如何提高英语囗语能力 How to Improve Your Oral Skills
如何提高英语听力 How to Improve Your Listening Skills

Native English Speakers
Q 你好,我想问一下,在没有钱的情况下,希望找一个母语是英语的老师的话有没有可能?我现在是学生,没有收入,但非常想提高自己的口语水平。
A Hi,11,
I can see your difficulty. It is harder to practice "oral" when there is not a native English speaker to talk with. However, it is not totally impossible. We have been working on getting some material for visitors here to use for practicing and we hope to have it available soon. But my first suggestion will be to meet with a friend to practice together.

Another way to practice is for a group of students to memorize a drama or a play together, each taking one role. If you like, you can use the "A Christmas to Remember" drama script that we have here. It only takes a small group of 4 people to do it (six will be better, but two people have very few lines to say). Write me back if you would like more directions on how to get started on that.

- John

Q Hi,John,
One of my friend and I wanted to improve our oral English ,so we decided to practice it everyday .But we found it was difficult to keep on it because we could not find topics to discuss.Sometimes we found it was not easy to explain it in English ,so we spoke in Chinese.The more Chinese we said,the less efficient our practice was.Should we keep on practicing?
A Hi, Candy,
I am glad to hear that you and a friend are getting together to practice. If you keep at it, you will both improve.

You should not use Chinese at all because once you start using Chinese, you are defeating the purpose. Use gestures if you have to, but no Chinese!

As for finding topics to talk about, to start with you can talk about what you did the day or the evening before. You can also play a game. Click here to see what games can be played.

- John

Advice for the Timid
Q 嗨 你好 我是大一的新生 学国贸韧专业的 我想学好英语但我胆子比较小 都不敢讲 我想问一下如何让自己放开胆子地讲 谢谢
A Hi,鸭子,
I think it will be good to set small goals. If your goal is to just say one word: "hello", then it is easier to achieve. Or just to say "good morning", or something simple. Or if you are in class, your goal can be to say: "I don't understand. Could you explain that please?" Another way is to record something you say and let someone listen to it. Would you like to record something and send it to me?
- John

Improving Oral Skills
Q 我是在外贸公司工作,但我的英语不好。一般的英文还能看得懂一点,但是这次有美国客户来跟我对话之后我才明白英语口语真的太差太差,能否告诉我如何学习英语和提高我的口语水平!谢谢!
A Hi, Milly,
I can understand your problem. It is common to many people. Often times you have been learning how to read and write but have not had much practice in conversations. Here are what I see as the main difficulties:

1. The vocabulary of conversational English is slightly different from the written one. People use a lot of slang.
2. The speed that people speak at is faster than someone learning English can keep up, and people often don't annunciate: they slur words together a lot.
3. Someone learning English as a second language usually needs to translate a sentence in order to understand (English to Chinese), and when responding, needs to translate a thought into the second language before saying it (Chinese to English).
4. When speaking, you want to say something perfectly.

The combination of the above makes it very hard to carry on a "normal" conversation.

Here is my advice:
1. If you want to improve, you must be willing to spend time in practicing it.
2. You need to first build a foundation, and this foundation is to be able to understand simple children's English without needing to translate.
3. The next step will be to expand your vocabulary to the adult level up to a point that you don't need to translate.

The final goal of the above is that you will think in English.

Do you think it is possible? I can tell you that it is! If you are living in an environment where everybody speaks English, it will take 6 months. If you don't have that environment, it will take longer, but it is still possible.

So my first question for you is: how much time are you willing to spend everyday in improving your English?

- John

Improving One's Oral English
Q i want to improve my oral english levil in the short time period ,can u give me some advice?
A Hi, Sarahmylove,
Your oral English has a lot to do with how good your listening skills are. So start with that. If you want to improve it in a short time, I will ask how much time can you put into it everyday?
- John
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