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英文小测验 English Exercise

Learning English can be fun!
Take the quiz below and practice English.

Wave : hear .wave file
RealAudio : hear RealAudio file
1. I am afraid heights. Wave RealAudio
2. He to swim in the ocean. Wave RealAudio
3. He does not like to wait at all. He is very . Wave RealAudio
4. He has agreed us with the luggage. Wave RealAudio
5. Even though the athelete was tired, he kept on . Wave RealAudio
6. It is go bike riding. Wave RealAudio
7. Bob saw the gunman the guard. Wave RealAudio
8. Let us go, ? Wave RealAudio
9. There are many ways to accomplish this. As they say: there is more than one way to . Wave RealAudio
10. The cowboy was tired after a day of cattle herding. He said, "I am going to . See you in the morning." Wave RealAudio
Let me know when there are new things for practicing English on line.

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