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这个【小小故事】专栏是特别为一些想学好基本日 常英文用语的朋友而设。因此故事以较简单家庭用语,从青 少年的角度写出,对需要练习及提高听力的学生,尤其适合。


At the Supermarket (5)

In his excitement, Bear Bear Gung tumbled down the shelf. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" he screamed. He really thought this would be the end of him. All the important things in his life flashed before his eyes: all the colourful food in the supermarket, his favourite chocolate, and finally May. He landed with a thud. But it wasn't on the floor. It was in May's shopping trolley! And he was sitting on his favourite chocolate! Filled with happiness he looked up and saw May. "There you are, you silly bear - I wondered where you had got to!" May took hold of his hand and held on to him tightly for the rest of the trip. "I'm the luckiest bear in the world," he thought to himself, deciding that no amount of food would tempt him to leave May誷 side again. But then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw - his favourite trifle!


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