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  • Ocean
    Thrilling Stories Of The Ocean
    From Authentic Accounts Of Modern Voyagers And Travellers
    written by Marmaduke Park
    voiced by James
      Hello, I'm James. I grew up in a small town in Eastern Ontario in Canada. I have been involved in broadcasting for over 30 years. My wife and children lived for 13 years in Latin America. It was there that we saw the great interest of some people to learn the English language. I now live in Asia and have again seen the great interest of some people to learn English. If you are one of them, I invite you to join me now for some special teaching sessions.

    2.2 沉船! The Wreck of the Steamboat - Wrecked!

    It was the Forfarshire steamboat on her passage from Hull to Dundee. She left the former place with sixty-three persons on board. She had entered Berwick Bay about eight o'clock the previous evening, in a heavy gale and in a leaky condition; the motion of the vessel soon increased the leak to such a degree that the fires could not be kept burning. About ten o'clock she bore up off St. Abb's Head, the storm still raging. Soon after the engineer reported that the engines would not work; the vessel became unmanageable; it was raining heavily, and the fog was so dense that it was impossible to make out their situation. At length the appearance of breakers close to leeward, and the Farne lights just becoming visible, showed to all on board their imminent danger.

    The captain vainly tried to run the vessel between the islands and the main land, she would no longer answer the helm, and was driven to and fro by a furious sea. Between three and four o'clock in the morning she struck with her bows foremost on a jagged rock, which pierced her timbers. Soon after the first shock a mighty wave lifted the vessel from the rock, and let her fall again with such violence as fairly to break her in two pieces; the after part, containing the cabin with many passengers, all of whom perished, was instantly carried away through a tremendous current, while the fore part was fixed on the rock. The survivors, only nine in number, five of the crew and four passengers, remained in this dreadful situation till daybreak, when they were descried by the family at the light-house. But who could dare to cross the raging abyss which lay between them?

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