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  • Goalie
      Hello, my name is Anita Buck. I am from North America. I enjoy writing stories, drawing pictures and playing on my computer. I hope that some of my stories will help you as you study English.

    1. 真无奈! Why I Did Not Like Sports

    I. Goalie - Why I did Not Like Sports (1)

    In my first year at the university, my friend Jessica asked if I could play soccer. I shrugged and replied, Sort of. The thought of me playing any sport reminds me of grade school and the reasons I often faked illness to avoid Physical Fitness class. I remember the long line of boys and girls. Very strong, fast children. And then there was me, at the far end of the line, stirring pebbles with the toe of my pink shoe. I stopped listening for my name as soon as the captains were chosen. I knew the way the teams were always chosen.

    One captain said, "Jonathan!"

    The other said, "Drew!"



    One by one, I watched each classmate run behind their captain. Every time, one classmate was left behind, with her hands behind her back and her heart saddened. That classmate was me. Each leader looked to the other, then to me, then back to each other, as if they could push me away with their eyes. Finally, one sighed and threw up his hands, I was on his team because there was no one else to choose. Now that they had me on their team, what would they do with me?

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