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Traditional Chinese

Short Stories
惊险的逃亡 Dave and Phil: The Great Escape
  • 听故事第一次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 听故事第二次: 若第一次跟不上, 一面听一面阅读文本。
  • 听故事第三次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 5.木屋里面 Through The Front Door (Part 5)

    The hut was bare except for a small wooden table and a few chairs around it. On the table, there was an old oil lamp, some empty beer bottles and dirty dishes. It looked like someone was there earlier, but had left. Phil started to crawl towards the front door. Dave hissed at him to stop.

    As usual, Phil did not listen to Dave. He was already at the front door. With a sigh, Dave followed slowly behind him. Phil pushed open the front door slowly. It gave a loud creak with its old rusty hinges. They stopped and held their breaths. There was silence in the cold evening air. Not a sound. Not even a breeze to rustle the leaves in the trees. The night was still and quiet, and getting quite cold. Phil continued to push the door slowly till there was a gap. He looked in the gap, and then pushed it open wider. He stuck his head in and looked around. He turned back and motioned for Dave to follow him in.

    Dave hesitated, but he did not want to be left outside all by himself so he had no choice but to crawl in after Phil. As they got through the doorway, they both stopped suddenly as they saw what was under the table...

    下期续 to be continued.
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