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  • 短篇故事 (II)
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    Hi, I am John Doe. I love stories. Even now, I still read stories all the time. Reading while listening to a story is an enjoyable way for you to learn new words and improve your English.

    12: 一位工作上的朋友 A Friend at Work

    Sean usually brought his lunch to work but on the Wednesday before his dinner appointment with Molly, he forgot. His co-worker, Ben, invited Sean to join him and the group for lunch. Sean gladly accepted the invitation.

    "Great, Sean! I don't think you've ever joined us for lunch before, but of course I've only been working here for a month," said Ben.

    "Yeah, I usually bring something my mom makes - I love her cooking," came Sean's well-rehearsed reason. This wasn't the complete truth, which was mainly to save money, but he did really like his mother's cooking.

    "I'm sure she's a great cook. I wish my mom lived closer so that I could enjoy her cooking more often. Her specialty is lasagna. Mm-mm! Every time she makes it, I stuff myself until I can hardly move."

    At the restaurant, Ben sat by Sean. As lunch progressed, the pair talked about their respective jobs and about the company. In fact, Ben was so easy to talk to that Sean found himself sharing about his life and background. By the time they left the restaurant, Sean felt like Ben was an old friend, which was unusual since Sean was pretty much a loner.

    On the way back to their office, Sean asked Ben, "Do you think a guy should go out with a girl even when he is not interested in dating her?"

    "That is an interesting question. Why do you say that?" asked Ben.

    "I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days," Sean replied tentatively, not quite ready to disclose everything.

    "Well, I guess it depends on the situation. I'd need to know more first. If you like, we can have lunch on Friday and talk about it."

    "Yeah," replied Sean thoughtfully, "we can do that."

    下期续 to be continued.

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